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Smoking is the number one cause of death and disease in Ontario. It kills 13,000 people every year.

The province has developed a comprehensive Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy which combines public education with programs, policies and legislation to:

  • help smokers to quit
  • protect non-smokers from exposure to second-hand smoke
  • encourage young people to never start

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking in workplaces, enclosed public spaces, on bar and restaurant patios, in some outdoor recreational spaces and also in motor vehicles when children under 16 are present. It also bans the public display of tobacco products prior to purchase and prohibits youth-targeted tobacco products such as flavoured cigarillos.

These efforts have greatly reduced tobacco use and lowered health risks to non-smokers in Ontario.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act is designed to protect the health of all Ontarians by prohibiting smoking in all enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places in Ontario as of May 31, 2006.

Tobacco retailers have a legal responsibility to ensure that both employers and employees understand and comply with the requirements under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA).

For more information on the law and tobacco products contact:


Contact us at smokefreeontariowebsite@gmail.com

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