Electronic Cigarettes

Updates to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act

The updated Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA) will come into effect on July 1, 2018 and regulate the sale, supply, use, display, and promotion of tobacco and vapour products (i.e. electronic cigarettes, accessories and heat-not-burn devices). The Electronic Cigarettes Act (ECA) will be repealed and all components will be regulated under the SFOA. Existing rules for…

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Email Your Questions

Email smokefreeontariowebsite@gmail.com if you are having issues accessing the SFOA test or your certificate. Please include your name and/or email address used to take the test. If possible, please include: what browser you are using (visit whatsmybrowser.org and follow the instructions on screen to find out if you don’t already know) how you are trying to access the…

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Internet Browsers

This website is compatible with the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer – version 9+ Chrome Safari Firefox If you are using an older internet browser, for example, Internet Explorer 8, you may not be able to access certain functions of the website, such as taking the test.

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Electronic Cigarettes Act

The Electronic Cigarettes Act came into place on January 1, 2016.  This new Act Prohibits the sale and supply of e-cigarettes to anyone less than 19 years of age; Prohibis the sale and supply of e-cigarettes to any person who appears to be less than 25 years old without asking for identification; Prohibits the use of…

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