Tips for Taking the Test

Here are some tips for taking the SFOA test:

  • The test is only updated twice per year, in January and July.  If you have already taken the test within the past 6 months, you will not be permitted to re-take a test until it re-sets in January or July.
  • Read the website thoroughly and make sure you understand the content before taking the test.
  • You will only get a certificate if you get 22/22 on the test (100%); otherwise you must try the test again.
  • If you get 22/22 on the test, a certificate will automatically be sent to the email address you provided, and you will also have the option of immediately downloading a certificate.
  • You must be using Internet Explorer version 9 or newer, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox for the test to function properly.
  • To set up your password, fill out your email address and name and click on 'Forgot your password'.  You will receive an email with a link (check your spam folder) that you can click on to set a password.
  • If you receive an Error message upon submission of a completed test, you may need to enable Javascript and disable your adblocker.
  • Test questions are framed for tobacco laws for retailers, not wholesalers or duty free retailers.  Please answer test accordingly.
  • If you are having issues with taking the test or accessing your certificate, email for help.
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