Display and Promotion

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The Smoke-Free Ontario Act restricts how tobacco products are displayed and promoted at the point-of-sale.

As of May 31, 2008, any tobacco products may not be displayed or promoted.

Legal tobacco products include but are not limited to:

For information on illegal tobacco visit http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/tax/tt/faq_illegal.html

For information on specific requirements for tobacconists visit:


It is the responsibility of anyone selling tobacco to ensure that:

  • Customers do not see products containing tobacco before they are purchased
  • Customers do not handle products containing tobacco before they purchase them

Example of acceptable display

To ensure customers to do not see products containing tobacco:

  • Avoid re-stocking, conducting inventory checks when customers are present
  • Fix missing flaps on storage unit(s)
  • Briefly open and close the storage unit to transfer the product containing tobacco to a customer
  • Do not display binders of products containing tobacco available for purchase unless asked by the customer. After the sale remove the binder from view


The display of promotional material including accessories that reflects any brand name or logo of products containing tobacco is prohibited; such as humidors, pipes, cigarette holders, cigar clips and matches.

Examples of prohibited promotional materials:

  • Decorative panels and backdrops
  • Backlit or illuminated panels
  • Promotional lighting
  • Signs
  • Three-dimensional exhibits
  • In store wall calendars
  • Branded Cigarette papers, matches and lighters
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