The Smoke Free Ontario Act states that “no person shall, in any place, sell or offer to sell tobacco, at retail, unless signs bearing health warnings and other information are posted at the place.”

Three Required Signs:

You must post this no smoking sign:

  • at each entrance and exit.
  • in the washroom in the store.

You must post this sign:

  • wherever tobacco products are sold.
  • where the employee and customer will see it.

You must post this sign

  • wherever tobacco products are sold
  • where the employee and customer will see it.

Post this sign on and in the area of the sales counter.

Three Allowable Signs

The Smoke Free Ontario Act states a maximum of three signs are permitted only to inform customers that tobacco products are sold and/or the product price.

These signs must:

  • Use black text against a white background
  • Not exceed 968 square centimeters
  • Not identify a brand of a product containing tobacco
  • Not be visible from outside the retail establishment

Sign Caution:

Beyond the three allowable signs, a sign in any place where tobacco products are either sold or offered for sale that refers to tobacco products or tobacco product accessories, or both, is “promotional material” if the sign is not one of the three required signs to be displayed by the Smoke Free Ontario Act or the Smoke Free Ontario Act Ontario Regulations” and may result in a penalty.

Signs are prohibited outside the store:

Signs that promote brand name, logo or products containing tobacco either directly or indirectly outside the store are prohibited.






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